Wishaw entrepreneur Bert Jukes launches Little Big Shot energy drink and predicts £5million sales

An energy drink called Little Big Shots; created by a Warshaw entrepreneur named Bert Jukes has been launched. He came up with this new delicious energy drink in order to fulfil his quench for thirst in a healthy way.

Burt as well as his family is hoping that his new product named little big shots can facilitate him to get to the highest position in the market. Little big shot is now all set to hit the British market shelves. On the other hand a trial of the drink in other European countries forecasted sales, for the primary year a, savoury of £5 million.

According to Burt, the creator of the drink, it has been a labour of affection of his and that if the world health organization. It took not only many years but also millions of money to actualize the thought that Bert once had in his mind. The drink is being marketed as an associate energy enhancer, with fruit, deep ocean minerals, that are being sourced from the oceans off Taiwan.

The drink has been manufactured in mostly European countries and also contains ingredients like raspberries, blackcurrants, cranberries and many other different fruits, along with spring water. The drink is also said to be free from any, flavourings and artificial colourings, preservatives which makes it almost hundred percent healthy energy drink.

Little big shots is not solely good for sportsperson. It is good for ladies and girls as well. Even pregnant women and youngsters aged eight and more can also use the drink for little energy boost. Vegetarians too can use it as it contains vitamins B which is useful in combating with state of fatigue

The creator of the drink is now on discussion with the UK’s biggest and largest companies on stoking the little big shots from the month of March, which will be followed by the event of Paris’ rock international food gathering in the month of October.

His company is additionally negotiating with a well-known food chain, and is within the method of adding a Canadian distribution deal to a portfolio of thirteen existing international tie-ups, the foremost recent being in Israel and Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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