What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

With SaaS coming into the scene, gone are the days of concern over licensing of software packages, installing updates, setting up training sessions with dealers, and upgrading the hardware required to run the programs, keeping additional manpower to take care of the entire IT system and all other costs that was necessary with the old client-server model.

Although the initial models of SaaS were designed for the business world. For instance we can take help of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, which was first made available as a subscription in the initial days of the 21st century. With the inception of the CRM systems, the entire business pattern changed, which again changed the total customer experience as a whole. The CRM system has changed the business scenario completely, be it, the sales force automation or contract management or the point of sale.

Software as a Service (SaaS), the programs needed by an individual or an organization are hosted somewhere remotely and delivered over the Internet. For all the software needs for a start up, SaaS could be highly beneficial. Usually in the previous days, a startup business was faced costly hardware investments and used to build up enough IT assets just to get their operation going. But thankfully with the advent of SaaS, a startup company can stop harassing their bank balance and there is absolutely no need to install and invest so much.

To utilize the facilities that SaaS has to offer, one can just have an internet-connected device operational with the latest and compatible web browser to startup a business with a buzz. We can discuss it with the help of an example, that a startup company needs a solution so that they could begin with their recruiting and sales operations. To start off, all you need to have is your personal computer or laptop with a SaaS provider and your need is sorted. If you own the startup, once you get the necessary details such as the web address and credentials to login to this specific software, you will able to design your strategic plan for the business, determine sales strategy, create and maintain database, marketing plans and a lot more to give your business that it needs to rise at the top.

Software as a Service (SaaS) can work just like magic for any startup business. Another advantage of SaaS is definitely its capacity that can grow along with your business and at a very rapid pace. Since SaaS is solving all your IT issues you can just concentrate on the growth of your business.

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