What Is Online Advertisement?

In very simple words online advertisement is a type of promotion that uses World Wide Web and Internet to attract customers by the relevant marketing messages. It could be contextual advertisements on the search engine results page, blogs, banner ads, social network advertising, online classifieds, email marketing, cross platform ads including email spam.

How Online Advertisement gives the necessary boost to your business?

Living in the internet era, organizations, be it big or small must have their presence in the web. The simple logic behind it is when your target market is in internet, you must be there in the internet too in order to draw their attention. And to draw your potential customer’s attention advertising and promotion plays a very crucial role. A well planned online marketing strategy with a persuasive message is enough to drive traffic to your website. No matter your company sells any product online or not but advertising the latest product in your bag in immensely important. If we tend to define what is online advertisement, we should also mention that these days it has become a trend, that common mass first watch the commercials in either TV or Newspaper and later for further confirmation they go to the website of a particular product. Internet serves as the platform to let people know which even print and TV advertisement could not include.

Online advertisement provides a lot of information on a particular product unlike TV advertisement and Newspaper advertisement. Also to define the question what is Online Advertisement, I would like to add the point that online advertisement is way more credible as compared to the traditional modes of advertisement.

The High Demand of Online Advertisement

The high demand of Online Advertisement has resulted in the loss of ad revenue for newspaper and TV.. There are variety of online advertisement like PPC (pay-per-click) and PPI (pay-per-impression). Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Pay-Per-Impression (PPI) are two variant modules of online advertisement. Pay-per-click (PPC) as the name suggests involves payment to the host every time users click on any advertisement. Pay-per-impression (PPI) calculates the cost of the entire marketing campaign that is conducted online. With each passing day, some millions of people are investing on Online Advertisement.

Use of Social Media in Online Advertisement

Social media is very much in vogue and the increasing demand social media has brought online advertisement into it. Social media provides a platform for the advertisers to create a good rapport with the target market. Interaction with the potential customers, displaying persuasive messages and reputation management over social networks like Facebook and Twitter actually gives the new definition of what is online advertisement.

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