What is Microsoft Visual Studio ?

Microsoft Visual Studio is a development environment which is used in developing and maintaining console and graphical user interfaces with the aid of several in-built tools. Visual Studio can be used to develop applications with a host of programming languages such as SQL, C, C++ Visual Studio can be used to make web sites, web sites applications, windows form applications and web services. Windows presentation foundation (WPF) application can also ne developed using Visual Studio.


Syntax Colouring

While developing a program, programmers write complex codes. It is an onerous task to keep track of files and keywords while writing the software. Syntax Colouring can be used by the programmers to keep a track on the various elements of the program. It comes with a rider as an error in syntax colouring process makes it difficult to track the part of coding


The debugger in Visual Studio works both as a machine level debugger and a source level debugger. It is compatible with both managed code and natïve code. It can be used to debug any language that is supported by Visual Studio.


Visual Studio has a bouquet of visual designers that are helpful in developing applications. Some of them are

·         Windows Form designer can be used to control the layout by storing the controls in other containers or by locking them at the side of the form. It has the drag and drop feature. One can create data bound controls by dragging items from Data Source windows onto the design surface.

·         Visual Studio 2008 introduced WPF designer which was codenamed Cider.

·         Web designer/development allows widgets to be dragged and dropped

·         Data designer allows graphical editing of database schemas such as typed tables, primary and foreign keys. It can also be used to generate queries.

·         Class designer can be used to make and edit classes by using UML modelling

·         Mapping designer can be used to design mapping between database schemas and classes

Other Tools

·         Open Tabs browser can be used to list all the open tools and switch between them. To use this one can press CTRL+TAB

·         Properties Editor Tool allows editing properties in GUI plane.

·         Solution is a set of code files and resources that is used in application building. The files in solution are hierarchically arranged but the same may not be the organization in the file system. One can use Solution explorer to manage and browse the files.

·         To manage databases on Microsoft SQL server one can use Data explorer. Data can be created and altered using it.

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