What is Cost per Impression or Cost per Mille?

Cost per Mille (CPM) is the advertising module that is used extensively by the advertisers round the globe. It is also known as Cost per Impression. Often it is denoted as Cost per M, as m is the Roman numeral for 1000. This phrase or technique is widely used in online advertisement and marketing to promote a website or any specific product or any particular services offered by any particular advertisers. An impression is the single instance if any ad appearing in any website. Cost per Impression or Cost per Mille is highly relevant metric in present day internet era. It is the measurement of the cost of advertising impressions which is measured in the units of thousand.

But the disadvantage of Cost per Impression or Cost per Mille is that even ads that are not clicked by any user could also advertise your website. It is not always necessary that any advertisement that is clicked by the visitor has the capacity to market your website along with the products and the services. A well designed ad with good catchy keywords can also attract your potential customer’s attention, even if the user does not click on the image or take action just immediately.

Any targeted Cost per Impression or Cost per Mille advertising also offers the advertisers an open space to innovate and explore. This could easily be your alternative to the much costlier CPC. In addition if you could successfully put your CPM advertisement to your targeted audience you have good chances that your click-through ratios will improve faster. Advertisers can also use sites that are focused on earning money from advertising impressions. This is indeed a good way to increase your click-through count. There are many who work from home through generating revenue for advertising impressions, you can have one of them to increase your click-through rate.

Here it should be mentioned that in Cost per Impression or Cost per Mille, effective Cost per Mille (also known as eCPM) is used to measure the effectiveness of any publisher. Also from this technique publisher also gets to know what they could receive if they sold the advertising inventory in a CPM basis. This information can be effective to compare the revenue across various channels, especially those with widely varying traffic. Cost per Impression or Cost per Mille technique is also used in advertising of print and television medium. In online this method is used for pricing banner ads. If you closely observe you can notice this process is highly advantageous for the advertisement publisher as in this the advertisers normally pays for around 100 impressions of a banner.

Often publishers present it in an advertisement package to the advertiser. This includes text ad impressions or in that case banner ads. When the publishers offer it in packages, it becomes easy for the advertisers to compare several publishers at a time. The rate although depends from publisher to publisher. The number of exposures provided in different plans tends to vary with the price of the total plan.

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