What is Cost Per Click?

Cost per Click, also known as CPC. As the name suggests this means the cost of a click. Whenever any user clicks any banner ad or any other ad over the internet, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount. It has been long that Google AdSense has been using this specific technique of online advertising to bring traffic to the websites. But only one drawback of the Cost per Click technique is the publishers of the ad cannot earn good money as it is not in their hands and neither could they force the visitors of their websites to click on to the advertisement. Also the price that has been agreed between the advertiser and publisher is very nominal. Although the common statistic has figure out that minimum 50% of the visitors of your website should click on the ads displayed so that you get the chance to make good amount of money out of it.

However with various experimentations advertisers can cut down the cost. Advertisers when you are adopting Cost per Click by Google AdWords, you might find few keywords are very expensive. In such cases, get cautious. You can always give a persuasive message using just the relevant keywords. Expensive keywords can break you pretty soon. You always have the option of choosing keywords that are quite less expensive and can you can pretty well organize them in order to get a great search results. You have to be bit more wise and innovative to find a very suitable position in the search results with possibly the lowest Cost per Click. From the keyword “bid tools”, online you can check the present bid rates for a specific keyword. You can pick up keywords as per your wish and as per the rates you need.

In Cost per Click often it is observed that long tail keywords or keyword phrases of three words or more are comparatively cheaper and can describe your product or offer in a better way than expensive keywords. The reason behind this is phrases that are really less popular could be just too appropriate for you. It leaves quite a space for you to innovate and play with the phrase to get the best advertisement for you. Also if have more than one option to advertise your product or service, you can just put up two to three campaigns with single set of words. By this way you can find out the one campaign that works just too perfect for you and driving more number of traffic towards your website and do not harassing your bank balance too much.

You have to be very careful before displaying your ad, that your advertise is short, concise but clearly depicts all the facts of your products and persuasive enough to attract your customers. It is better of you make the title with your keyword and put a hint of the offers in the very first line. Make sure you are promising quality and also try to include the keyword in the display URL. These are formulas of a hit advertisement, while using Cost per Click.

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