What are the reasons and origin of the India – China border dispute?

The narration of the origin of Sino-Indian border dispute dates back to 1962 almost 50 years back. It started on 21st November, 1962 when the Indian Army continued a messy draw back from its high altitude site in the Himalayan Mountains. It was then when the Communist force of China has took over the victory over the ceasefire.

The origin of Sino-Indian border dispute was indeed a struggle between two cutthroat military and fiscal powers with universal influence. It is a proved fact that the nationalists in China and India use diverse names for the undecided territory. The humorists therefore had named the Sino- Indian border dispute as the “coldest war”.

The frozen conflict may have the facade of steadiness, but in reality it was a slow war fired by subtle, monetary and cultural means, or scorching combat on boil, awaiting explosion.

The origin of-Sino-Indian border dispute has been termed as the frozen conflict at a factual level with the Himalayas as the 1962 battlefield. This battle field still remains doubtful border snaky over Glacier and Snow covered Mountains. It was initiated by China in 1962 attack by acclimatizing its assault to the high altitude at 14,000 feet with its trained troops of army for mountain war operation taking advantage of the threatening Himalayan winter.

India contends that China has illegitimately acquired 5,180 sq km of northern Kashmir in 1963 while China alleges that 90,000 sq km on the eastern sector of the border has been unlawfully acquired by Indian in Arunachal Pradesh. The turmoil between India and China took origins because the British rulers did not differentiate a border while separating India and China; which has lead to the controversy giving rise to the origin of Sino- Indian border dispute. The intact China-India boundary had never encircled any mutually-accepted pact. There existed a frontier line of actual control between the two countries on the basis of the extent of each other’s governmental control over a long course of time. The entire border line is alienated into three sectors—the eastern sector, the middle sector, and the western sector.

Given augment to the origin of Sino-Indian border dispute with China’s and India’s hi-tech dexterity in April 2012, India test-fired its new Agni intercontinental ballistic missile which puts China as the bull’s-eye.

Whilst we are vigilantly sanguine concerning the stable progress of the two-pronged conflicts between the two intensifying Asian gigantic powers, we are more and more anxious about the cost of their geopolitical oratory and strategic mistrust which has its origin first and foremost from the unsolved border difference of opinion.

To pick up the pace and strengthen the boundary dialogue, the two government’s periodical meet and exchange in-depth views on tenacity the boundary question with the framework negotiations in accordance with the guiding principles.

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