Theoretical Physicist Brian Greene Has a Few New Dimensions He’d Like You to Meet

General Relativity Theory

“I use a variety of animated clips that we’ve created to help people visualize the ideas,” says Greene. “So it’s kind of a visual exploration – where the math is stripped away and the core ideas are captured by the imagery.”, further he says.

Physicist Brian Greene’s explanation of superstring theory is very much popular through worldwide and through internet too. He explained that with these new dimensions that by altering the vibration patterns or grouping of strings one must be capable of transforming one thing to other. This can be tested for further research and development. Just like those little dimensions that we cannot observe, we measure only 11 because we can’t determine more. According to Brian Greene, the thought that understands minuscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions produce each element and power in the universe.

Brian Greene perhaps the best proponent of superstring theory, a few novel dimensions and a new idea universal energy creation at present day. Energy vibrating in higher dimensional space-time creates force and particles in universe. He stated in a presentation that Einstein observed space and time can wrap and curve and this is also the reason for the existence of gravity. Now, what string theory says with 11 dimensions is that electromagnetism, gravity quantum mechanics are not different and are packed within one environment only when we see the universe with more than one dimension that we presently observe. According to Greene, our universe is only a bubble among multi bubbles floating in one site. Greene is very enthusiastic and confident with these latest ideas from his mind and it is worth listening to him about this new concept.

Brian Greene changes all old theories and has put forwarded this view that our universe has more than 3 dimensions view. Brian has accepted that one may call this a bizarre idea but this idea already played great role in physics and mathematics and also influencing present days’ researches. Greene focuses on this thing that from Einstein’s point of view and later scientists’ point of view every new force in universe might need a dimension. So, there might be more than 3 or 4 dimensional objects’ view.

There are some big dimensions which we can perceive easily and there are some tiny dimensions which we can not see with bare eyes. In present day idea is that within electron, proton and neutron there are some particles (strings in the words of Brian Greene) producing different dimensions, then producing different frequencies and finally producing different objects in universe.

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