Tata Motors, Brazil Company Morcopolo Motors Ltd. Form Joint Venture

The business deal between Tata Motors, Brazil co form joint venture which helped in forming a vehicle company for two main reasons. One reason is to get the highly experienced and highly technical assistance from the world renowned Brazilian company Morcopolo Motors Ltd. in establishing the vehicle company without any delay. And the second and more valid reason for Tata Motors to collaborate with Morcopolo Motors Ltd. is to become expert in the field of manufacturing and in providing better quality services with professional manpower and support.

Both the companies Tata Motors and Morcopolo have come together to produce high quality heavy vehicles such as Buses and Trucks. There was so much of demand for better quality vehicles. And to satisfy the increasing demand the joint venture decided to start the work first at Lucknow in U.P. and then at Dharwad at Karnataka, where the plants are designed to build multiple number of buses per day. The plant at Lucknow builds about 25 buses per day and the plant at Dharwad builds about 50 to 100 buses per day. The buses produced are of high quality and providing spacious and comfortable buses with complete safety and protection.

The buses manufactured are in high demand today with lot many requirements coming from all sides. The company has decided to have overall control over the increasing demand. There are about 250 service centers were placed under the network. This facility is extended to many of the main cities across the states. The list of cities is displayed zonal wise which help in building the business further. The cities such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune are from West India,  Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Chandigarh are from North India, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderbad, Mysore, Chennai and Madurai are based in South India and Kolkatta from East India.

The result of Tata Motors, Brazil co form joint venture built the advanced industrial setup, which is situated at Dharwad producing world-class, highly superior quality buses. It gives complete understanding of the requirements of the market and helps in providing better quality solutions. The joint venture of Tata group has proved to the world that such type of business deals always help in expanding the capabilities by serving better.

The Tata Motors, Brazil co form joint venture open new doors of relationship. It started its work in Dharwad on the sprawling open area of 120 acres. It has capacity of producing 100 buses everyday with thousands of workers working in shifts. The entire plants capacity is high and the day when it will start working to its capacity, it will surely help about 6000 employees to join them in their work either by directly or indirectly involving in the work.

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