Specifications of Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing

Grand Prix is the highest of all Road Racing World Championship. It has started long back in the year 1949. Currently the competition is sub divided into three main classes, namely Moto GP, Moto 2 and Moto 3. The only similarities about three classes are they all use four stroke engines. In each of these three classes there are several specifications which were introduced in the year 2005.

The Moto GP class of the racing competition is the 1000 cc class. History is evident that FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) has brought about several changes in norms and regulations since the inception of this category ion the racing competition. But in the year 2002, in the Moto GP section 500 cc two strokes and 990 cc four stroke bikes were made only compulsory for the race. But the four stroke engines obviously had larger power advantage over the two strokes engine, which eventually eliminated all the two stroke bikes form the racing competition. For the next few years two stroke bikes were cancelled to take part in the motor sports. In the year 2007, the greatest engine capacity was reduced to 800 cc without reducing the existing weight. In the Moto GP class, motorcycles had no precise engine configuration. The weight of extra cylinders in case any motor cycle has, would not be considered as the part of the game. Previously in the year 2004, motorcycles also entered in the competition were with three, four and till five cylinders.

In the Moto 2 class there are many specifications as well. In the Moto 2 class, the bikes were replaced with 600 cc four stroke bikes, which were earlier 250 cc two stroke bikes. These engines are manufactured by Honda, electronics were supplied only by the FIM sanctioned producers and the tyres were developed by Dunlop. In the Moto 2 class only the steel brakes are allowed and no bikes with carbon fibre brakes are considered eligible for the racing competition.

In the Moto 3 class of the Grand Prix Road Racing competition, the bikes those are eligible for the racing are only the bikes with single cylinder 250 cc with four stroke engines that has a maximum bore of 81 mm. the lowest total weight of the motor bike including the rider should be 148 Kgs. Also there are few norms about the age of the rider. The rider should not be above 25 years under any circumstance. Before the year 2012, the Moto 3 class used to come in the categories with bikes 125 cc. however in the year 2012, these classes was made and the age old categories were diversified.

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