Some Recent Models of BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke

BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke is a German automobile company which is known as Bavarian Motor Works in English. Having a BMW car is indeed a matter of repute because of the brand name associated with it. There are over thousand models of BMW in the market. However, the current models are really doing great.

The 1 Series was basically launched in the year 2004. This car is regarded as the smallest car in the list of BMW. Currently available are the second generation hatchback (F20) and the first generation coupe/ convertible (E82 / E88). The 3 Series, a compact executive car manufactured on the year 1975. The 3 series is currently running in its sixth generation (F30). The 5 series is a mid size executive car, that is available in the market in sedan (F10) and station wagon (F11) forms. In the year 2010, BMW came with the 5 series Gran Turismo (F07) which created a segment in between station wagon and crossover SUV.

BMW introduced many of their exclusive innovations in the 7 series that came in the market few years back. BMW introduces many of the experimenting features in the 7 series. Features such as iDrive are quite controversial, in the 7 series. The 7 series car is regarded as world’s first hydrogen fueled internal combustion engines. This car is fueled by liquid hydrogen and it releases clean water vapor. The latest BMW car is based on 5 series platform is the 6 series BMWs grand touring luxury sport coupe (E63/ E64). When we are talking of the current BMW models, then we must mention the 2-seater models are available in the market since 2002.

The X3 (E83), BMW’s second crossover SUV also known as SAV (Sorts Utility Vehicle), was introduced to the world in the year 2003. This car is based on 3 series platform. This car has the BMW facility of xDrive all wheel drive system. The all wheel drive X5 was actually BMW’s first crossover SAV based on the 5 series which is a mid size SUV from BMW and is in the market since 2000. The X6 launched by BMW in 2007 is a 4-seater crossover SUV, is marketed as a SAC (Sports Activity Coupe). There are several models of BMW present in the market starting from the 1 series to Z4 series. It is entirely the customer’s call to choose from the variety models of BMW as per their convenience. BMW also produces high performance motorsports. These cars are designated as BMW M models.

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