Scoring System of Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing

Grand prix motorcycle racing is the oldest amongst all motorsports in the World championship. The first grand prix event dates back to the year 1949. However in many of the European countries motorcycle grand prix were initiated in the early 1900’s. FIM, which was earlier FICM (Fédération Internationale des Clubs Motocyclistes), proclaimed a European championship in 1938 but as the Second World War started, the competition, was compelled to stop. However after few years of the Second World War Due FICM started thinking seriously about the international series of motorsport.

The Grand Prix have several classes of competition, which are Moto GP, Moto 2 and Moto 3. From the time the competition started there were several changes in the rules and regulations with time. However the scoring system remains all the same. There is a list of points, which leads to the ultimate winner of the FIM Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship. Since the year 1949, there were no specific changes brought by the organizers in the scoring pattern. The Championships are awarded to those competitors who collect the maximum championship points in a particular Championship season.

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