Scientists have found the reason of Flamingos’ 1 Leg Stand.

flamingos 1 leg stand theoryIt may have fascinated you sometime that why do Flamingos stand on 1 leg. People could have different type of theories to explain this, you may also predict one. But a recent discovery will let you be in the awe of this highly advance creation.

Previously researchers had theorized that they stand on one leg to save body temperature as more contact of body parts with water (a low temperature medium) will make it loose temperature faster.

But a new research published in Biology Letters would take us to a complete new angle which states that standing on 1 leg by Flamingos requires less muscular energy. Flamingos legs are built and joined in a way that when it will stand on a leg, center of gravity of its total body mass will shift on one leg which makes it possible for flamingos to stand on single leg for a long time with little muscle effort. They even enjoy sleeping on 1 leg.

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