Salman Rushdie’s Religious and Political Beliefs

Salman Rushdie's Religious Beliefs

Rushdie was born to a Muslim family but he is an atheist. His views as atheist are expressed in the write ups which have often created controversies among the religious activists. His opinions always concentrate on bringing reforms in the Muslim religion. Salman Rushdie’s views always created controversies and brought about unrest among the different stringent communities which he defended as freedom of expression. His novels often throw spotlight on the responsibility of religion towards humanity and divergence between beliefs or between the religious and those of atheist. The religious beliefs of Salman Rushdie and his views had always created turmoil among the Muslim extremists

Rushdie’s most famous political statements show his steady post-colonial views and presentation of his ideas. Rushdie has supported American and NATO intrusion in Bosnia. He has wholehearted supported the American operation in Iraq. Salman has attained a significant position in world literature, due to some of his important works which are treated as the world’s effective voices related to religion, with particular focus on Islam. Rushdie is better known for his courageous defense of free expression with reference to his narrations in his novels.  He is a strong enthusiast of the US-led operation to eradicate the Taliban in Afghanistan. He was a strong backer of 1999 NATO bombing in Federal Republic in Yugoslavia. He had also defended in one of his interviews the American aggression on Iraq in which Saddam Hussein was removed.

His contradictory views with the religious beliefs could be found even in his opinion about personal life where he was found to have mentioned that his three sisters would never wear the veil whereas wearing of veil by the women group in the Muslim communities is significant. He stressed on the reform of the religion and the requirement to move beyond the traditional beliefs and core concepts to combat the jihadist ideologues though he has to face severe retaliation from the fundamentalists from to time.

The views of Salman Rushdie strongly support the British dominance together with his ignorance towards Islam had direct impact on relationship of Britain and Iran. Both the countries had strained relations for a long time and even are at cold war with each other. The threat of the Fatwa to kill him was mainly because of his stand asking to amend the Muslim faith and his attacks on Islam in his novel The Satanic Verses. Here it is worth to mention that Sir Salman Rushdie is committed for one religion for humanity across the globe. Rushdie had expressed that copyright law is a barrier and a hurdle on freedom of speech while addressing the audience in one of his interviews on copyright issue.


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