Sachin Tendulkar’s Return to Ranji Trophy and Retirement from ODIs

Recently Mumbai had won the Ranaji trophy championship 44th time and the captain of Mumbai team Agarkar thanked Sachin Tendulkar for his contribution in the win. After announcing his retirement from ODI, Tendulkar decided to play Ranaji matches for Mumbai and his decision today helped Mumbai team to reach to the highest level.

There can be longer discussions where people might express their views and opinions about whether Sachin Tendular did right in retiring from the one day cricket? It was the longest innings that he had played in one-day cricket. He had played 463 ODIs and scored about 18,000 odd runs in a span of 25 years. He has scored 49 centuries and 96 half centuries which were considered to be unbreakable.While playing for such long time, Tendulakar suffered health related issues. Tennis elbow severely affected his batting and also his chances of playing cricket. It put him out of action for nearly one year but his willpower and his approach towards the game helped him to come back with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. He came back in the team and started scoring runs as he did before. He was one such player who was always ready to give his 100% all the time.

His time as a captain might not be as successful as a batsman but he was one such player who always scored against any team on any ground under any circumstances. One of the main reasons why he became one of the successful opening players till date is his understanding with his partners. First it was Saurav Ganguly with whom he did successful opening pair by scoring hundred run partnerships more than 25 times which is a record. And also he was equally successful with Virendra Sehwag.  It was always a great help when he was around the new players either on the ground or in the dressing room. He always came out with suggestions or tips when they needed most. He was always considered as a team-man. Helping others and sorting their problems as and when required. While playing one day games he has found new ways and techniques while facing the world-class bowling. Many of his innings where he bats with elegance and comfort makes the bowlers look ordinary. Also as bowler he had helped his team in past by taking crucial wickets at the right time by giving edge to his team over opponent. His superior bowling action and his arm twisting googly was always considered to be productive for the team.

It was Sachin Tendulkar’s decision to retire from the One day cricket. He very rightly gave the reason of his retirement as he will not be playing the next world cup in 2015.

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