Sachin Tendulkar’s International Career

Tendulkar stared his career with his selection on the tour of Pakistan in 1989. He almost impressed everybody with style of batting. At times he played aggressive innings by hitting huge shots. His sixes on the bowling of the versatile spinner Abdul Kadir are still remembered not only in India but even in Pakistan too. But now Sachin Tendulkar became regular part of Indian Team. He established himself in both forms of games in Tests and in ODI.

It took 79 ODIs for him to score his first century and he scored his first test century in his 9th test match. It was his period when he was at his peak and physically fit. As a batsman the main reason which guaranteed his success was his innovative nature, he liked experimenting new things in the game. He tried new ways and techniques while facing world famous bowling attacks of all the countries around. He had invented his own technique and tried his shots with much ease and comfort. His attitude to take the furious bowling attack head-on which helped him to dominate the bowlers.

During World cup in the year 1996, he became top scorer with two centuries and his solid innings against the SriLanka in the semi-final where all other batsmen failed to score. His innings at Sharja, where he scored century and made a huge partnership with Navjyot Singh Siddu gave India the most wanted win. His started bowling his magical spells of googly effectively. May a times in the matches when main bowlers failed to get wickets, it was Tendulkar who twisted his arm and took the most wanted wickets. This was the time the entire world started recognizing him as the player of highest caliber who scores runs like a machine.

Some of his innings were amazing and the way he scored them under difficult circumstances showed his class and his approach towards the game. In1998, at Sharja when playing against Australia in the finals he batted brilliantly, hitting the ball to all corners of the ground on the bowling of the Legend Shane Warne, he played so well that even Shane Warne appreciated it by saying it was one of the best innings ever played against his bowling.  In year 1999, the middle of world cup, three days after the sudden demise of his ailing father, nobody could have imagine him to play the match scheduled against Kenya where he stunned everyone by scoring a century which he dedicated to his late father. It was the time when Indian cricket started dominating the world cricket and Tendulkar was at his peak kept on scoring centuries one after the other. It was the time when cricket selectors decided to give Tendulkar the responsibility of captain ship.

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