Sachin Tendulkar’s Batting Technique

In early 80s, we had two cricketers who can be compared with Tendulkar in terms of their physical abilities and performance.  They were Suni Gavaskar and Gundappa Vishvanath. Both of them were short in height like Tendulkar and were considered as batsman with highest capability. Though both of them were not as successful as Tendulkar but still they left their marks on the Indian cricket. All the three cricketers were called little masters of cricket.All three have three different styles. Gavaskar while playing often used the entire length of the bat while hitting powerful cover drive with his straight bat, Vishvanath when played his natural game, mostly used width of the bat as he was called master of square-cuts. But in Tendulkar we can see the combination of both along with extra technique.   Tendulakar is considered as cross dominant player, who bats, bowls and throws with right hand but writes using left hand.

His batting style makes him the most appropriate player of our time. His style of batting is mainly based on technique of balance and poise. He does not have the unnecessary actions which can make it difficult to change his stance while facing quicker or turning balls. According to a study about his batting, tells us that he prefer slow wickets and low tracks while playing which is mostly available in India. But his ability and his technique helps him in scoring runs on bouncy pitches of South Africa and Australia. He had scored centuries on almost every ground across the world either a slow track or hard and bouncy. When one observes his shots they are all picture perfect. There is a punch stylishly added to his drive when he plays the shot. His perfect straight drive makes the ball move with speed of light without follow-through. Tendulkar looks free as a bird, when he makes his shot selection on the merit of the ball. Even the bouncers which he faces by moving his body away from the line of the ball and nudging it at the last moment as the ball flies over wicket keepers head over the boundary line. These are the classic shots which only he can play. When he is set at the crease it hardly matters to him about who is bowling. He had treated almost any bowler with same ease and reassure.

Many cricket experts including Sir Don Bradman always thought of Tendulkar’s batting style comparable to his own. According to his autobiography, Bradman was impressed by Tendulkar’s  the style of batting, his technique and his shot selection, which he always found similar to his own batting style, and when he asked his wife, Jessie about it, she agreed, saying Tendulkar did look like young Bradman, without any doubt.

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