Sachin Tendulkar’s 100th International Century

The name Sachin Tendulkar makes us feel proud about his achievements. His name has become brand name in the world today. It is name which does not need any introduction. His personality and his iconic figure make him one of the highly influential figures in the lives of every Indian. More than his achievements, his hard-working nature, his patience and his willingness to perform at the highest level by offering his best all the time were unbelievable. At the age of 16 when he played his first test match, where from the beginning itself he always stood by his own class and caliber. His love for the game of cricket was so much that even the physical harms such as back-ache- problems or tennis elbow never become an issue for him which stopped him playing. He always has an ability to overcome such problems and to concentrate on the field with his bat. His consistency in scoring centuries and his hunger for runs were non-stoppable.

Sachin Tendulkar and a century is the combination which worked matches after matches. After scoring his first century in the 9th test and in 79th ODI, he started scoring them at regular intervals. Many times we have seen that he becomes the lone scorer in the match. He had played against almost all the cricket playing countries, against all the famous and prominent bowlers. He had treated them all equally. Remember in the world cup 2003, how he had played against Shohaib Akhter in a match against Pakistan, in 1998, while playing against Shane Warne, he  superbly hit Warne all across the ground. Whether it was Murali or Akram, he always had better technique to score runs against them. He was the successful player in all forms of games. He has ability to change his game and his play according to situation and demand of the game. It helped him in scoring nearly equal number of centuries the test and in ODI.

But his 100th century was unique in itself. After completing 99 centuries, Tendulkar has to wait for long to reach to the 100th mark. His century of centuries came nearly after one year of long wait. Though he played in every match and scored runs but was twice unlucky to get out in 90s. Sometime it looked as if its a burden on his shoulder, as he tried to overcome the tension of scoring a hundred. He could not reach to his hundredth century on his tour to England and Australia. But at last while playing against Bangladesh at Dhakka he scored his 100th century, which brought delight among his fans all over. It was an exceptional achievement and a unique record.

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