Sachin Tendulkar As Team India Captain : A Failure or Success

Sachin Tendulakar became captain of Indian cricket team succeeding Azharuddin. Tendulkar accepted the new role as a challenge, as he was considered as the most successful batsman of the future. And everyone wanted him to become successful captain too. In year 1996, Sachin while playing as a captain failed to win the matches, though as a batsman he kept scoring centuries match after match. There were expectations and hopes from him to perform better as a captain. He took over as a captain on the tour of Australia. Though India lost the series 3-0, but Tendulakar kept scoring runs and was nominated best player of the series and also man of the match in the last test match.  His form and his ability to score runs never failed even under pressure when entire team was performing badly. It was the poor performance of the team that made the headlines but it never affect Tendulkar and his passion for game and his ability to score runs. India kept on loosing the test series one after the other each time. Tendulkar did his best and was scoring runs and trying to save every match but it never happened. The combine failure of the team brought India in bottom of the list.

Tendulkar never enjoyed his stint as captain. He did try his best by getting better players in team. Vinod Kambli was his first choice and given a chance to play again after long time. As a captain Tendulakar was open for suggestions and always ready to experiment. According to Saurav Ganguly, Tendulkar was much better captain and was unfortunate to have combine failure of the team. It was Tendulkar who asked Ganguly to open innings with him in the ODI. Tendulkar-Ganguly was considered as the deadliest opening pair to-date today. Both of them have reputation of getting bigger opening partnerships which was always one main reason for India’s success in later years.   In year 2000, Tendulkar resigned as a captain after his failure to win a single match. Indian cricket was much affected by match-fixing allegations and there was much talk about team’s failure in the recent matches. Amidst all controversies Saurav Ganguly became the captain of Indian cricket team.

Tendulkar though could not become successful as a captain but yet his involvement with team and captain at the time under pressure was seen widely. In the Hero cup tournament when South Africa wanted to score 6 runs in the last over and no other bowlers were interested to bowl, at that time it was Tendulkar himself came to bowl and gave an absolute win to the team. He was often seen discussing tactics with captain or the players with complete responsibility.

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