Sachin Tendulkar As Rajya Sabha Member

It was surprising news for all his fans, when Sachin Tendulkar was chosen as Member of Rajya Sabha by the President of India. It was surprising because he was the first energetic sportsperson & cricketer who has been offered the membership of Rajya Sabha. There were many speculations about his decision and about his reaction. Many of the cricketers too were surprised and the matter was considered as most shocking news of the day.

Tendulkar is seen on the ground with bat in his hands playing his favorite game. For number of years we have seen him actively playing cricket and in the process breaking old records and creating newer ones. He has been part of number of NGOs and he has been part of many social service organizations indirectly. He has not shared any platform with any political party or leaders. He has never talked about any political ambitions or about his wishes of joining politics. So it was quite surprising when his name was appeared in the list of nominated Rajya Sabha. It was more shocking because Tendulakar accepted the membership at the time when he was still playing Test and ODI cricket actively.

Many cricketers reacted to it differently; his team mate Sanjay Manjarekar was shocked with the news of nomination, he did not believe it. He thought it was something which nobody would have been imagined even in dreams. Kirti Azad, M.P. and ex-cricketer accepted it as a good move by government. He thought Tendulkar has more scope to talk about sports and the problems of sportspersons in daily life. Unlike other members, he did not have to worry about his own constituency. Former Indian captain Dilip Vengsarkar reacted saying that it was a good to nominate sportsperson to the Rajya Sabha. It will surely help in achieving the goals set by sports organizations. Former cricket captain Ajit Wadekar believed that it will bring changes in the field of sports but cautioned Tendulkar to be careful about politics as it is another bigger game.

Sachin Tendulkar became member of Rajya Sabha on 2nd May 2012 after accepting the membership. He took the oath of membership only after the budget session as he was busy playing IPL. There is responsibility as a member of Rajya Sabha and he accepted it hoping to serve better for the country. Even he was offered residence close to the residence of Rahul Gandhi which he politely refused, saying he can stay in hotel during his visits to the Rajya Sabha.He was alloted seat number 103 in the Rajya Sabha as his permanent place to seat, whenever he will visit.

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