Roger Federer’s Life and Early Career

Born on 8 August 1981, in Basel Switzerland, Roger Federer is one of the high ranked tennis players in the planet

In 1998, Roger Federer started playing on the expert tennis circuit. He won his first ATP competition in Milan in 2001 and briskly worked his direction up the men’s world tennis rankings. In 2003, he won six tournaments incorporating his first Grand Slam competition by vanquishing Mark Philippoussis at Wimbledon. By 2004, Federer was the number one tennis player on the planet and won several of the four Grand Slam competitions that year incorporating Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australian Open. Federer has since gone onto score twelve more Grand Slam titles, carrying his fabulous aggregate up to 13. Roger has won the US Open five times and the Aussie Open, several times. The sole major competition that he has not won is the French Open in Paris.

Roger Federer is an amazingly adroit tennis player who’s known for his commanding forehand and once in a while committing errors on the court. His early career that is from the year 1998 to the year 2002 can be summarised in the following manner:

Year 1998:  Roger climbs to the number 1 junior and scores the junior competition at Wimbledon. He makes his debut on the professional circuit at the Swiss Open in Stand. In fall he drops in the competition in Basel -his hometown -outside of the norm and that opposite no other than Andre Agassi.

Year 1999: Roger accepts what added up to eight wins, makes his presentation at the Grand Slam competitions of both Paris and Wimbledon and achieves his first semi-finals on the World Tour. The professional newcomer begins the year on position 301 of the planet rankings and closes the period on the extravagant 64th position.

Year 2000: Roger begins working with the Swedish mentor Peter Lundgren. The Olympic Games in Sydney are an awesome victory; he achieves the semi-finals in a solid field.

Year 2001: Roger sacks his first competition triumph on the ATP circuit in Milan and carries Pete Sampras’ scoring streak in Wimbledon to an end He finishes the year as number 13 in the planet rankings.

Year 2002: Roger scores on several ATP competitions, Hamburg being his first triumph at a Masters Arrangement competition. Then again, he drops out in the first rounds of the Grand Slam competitions in Paris and London. He by the by fits the bill for the Masters Cup in Houston and closes the year on position 6 in the planet rankings.

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