Physics professor at UA challenges Einstein’s theory of general relativity

Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity is being challenged and questioned by a UA professor. He is basically questioning that whether it can actually hold in every area of space or not. Andrei Lebed is basically, a physics professor at the UA and he has come with a brilliant idea of an experiment that can actually be a breakthrough, if believed to other professors from the university. We all aware that in 20th century two most successful theories of physics is general relativity and also quantum mechanics and quantum mechanics contain few fundamental forces like electromagnetism as well as strong and weak nuclear forces, fourth force which is gravitation, can also be described by general relativity.

Generally physicists know that both these theories are different and failed to work and create a single theoretical framework that can describe both of them. That’s why attempt to merge general relativity as well as quantum mechanics have failed. Physicists do say that it is important to find some unifying factor between both the theories.

Till now, not even a single experiment is done to prove the theory of general relativity wrong-but Lebed is trying very hard to prove it wrong. Before saying what Lebed’s idea is, it is important to know this theory according to Einstein, and he says that mass warps space, even on the single atom, there is a possibility of curvature that can affect the behavior of atom. Now, Lebed’s idea is to send a spacecraft full of hydrogen atom into the flat space and then measure their electrons to check whether electrons jump to different energy levels.

According to Einstein with the increase in energy mass also increases ad depending on the position of atom its mass might be different and hence equation might not hold up. But according to Lebed probability that basically Einstein’s equation is broken seems to be very low. It is just because there are so many atoms in one kilogram of hydrogen and so his theory might not be true for billions of the atoms. If this experiment will be successful then it will prove that inertial mass and gravitational mass are not at all same and in few areas of space, E does not equal mc^2. It’s surely going to be revolutionary for physics. This has also excited other physicists too. This kind of experiment will surely make an impact in this world.

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