Our Sun Might Have Had An Evil Twin Called ‘Nemesis’

Twin Stars

Researchers have developed a new model which postulates that most of the stars of this universe are born with a least one twin star. Our own Sun may also have born with a sibling. ‘Nemesis’ as scientist have named it, considered by many as the evil one among these two.

Beyond the eight planets and near the edge of our solar system, there lies places where dust, matter, pieces of frozen ice are orbiting on a path around our Sun and huge number of asteroids, meteoroids and  planetoids in inner Solar System.

Years ago, scientists have hypothesized that some of these enormously huge asteroids might have hit the surface of our earth, which caused an apocalypse on the earth that lead to the extinction of dinosaurs. But they were unable to explain, how could huge number of asteroids entered into the environment of the earth at that time. This new finding gives a clue about this problem by proposing that twin star of the Sun, Nemesis  may have passed near Solar System and disturbed the path and motion of the asteroids which ignited a bombardment of asteroids on the earth.

After analyzing the dust from the Perseus constellation in northern cosmos, researchers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and UC Berkeley have proposed that nearly all the stars of this universe are born with at least one sibling.

There exist a lot of binary and triple star systems in our galaxy, scientist have been wondering for years that whether those stars are born together or have come close to each after their formation. But a simulation of star formation of the early universe is pointing to the fact that all the stars might have borne with the number of other stars together.

Source: https://arxiv.org/abs/1705.00049

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