Novak Djokovic’s Junior Years

Novak Djokovic started his training under the guidance of Jelena Genecic for first 6 years. It was training which was planned and carried in routine. Jelena had seen lot of talent in Djokivic. She had always considered him to be the future of tennis in Yugoslavia. He had good physique, natural talent to pick his shots and his enthusiasm, which helped him to learn more without getting tired even after long hours of practice. The initial years of training helped Djokovic making him a better player every day by bringing best of his qualities required for playing tennis. After completion of 6 years of training, Jelena felt that he should get higher quality training and so he was sent to join the tennis academy of Germany, where he spent next four years. He started learning the advanced skills and getting additional strength and ability to face the challenges in life and in the competitive world of tennis.

He was selected in the national team of Yugoslavia and started playing the matches at junior level. In year 2001, at the age of 14, he reached in the finals of Davis cup, but lost in the final match in the singles category.  He kept playing at the junior level and kept working on his skills and improving match after the match. Many times, it was seen that after displaying finest skills and caliber, Djokovic lost in few of the matches. He had been a part of Yugoslavia junior national team, where he participated in many of the tennis tournaments and playing in all forms of game.

Djokovic played in Future and Challenger tournaments at the junior level. He won few of the matches from year 2003 to 2005. In his first tour level tournament at Umag in year 2004, he lost in the second round.

The compiled summary of all the matches, he had played, as a member of junior team, which showed some interesting win and loss records. He won 40 singles matches and lost in 11. And also in doubles he won in 23 matches and lost in 6.  His combined ranking at junior level was No.24 in the year February 2004. One of his best performances at the junior level was reaching to the semifinals in the Australian Open in year 2004 and also the reaching to the third round in the French Open in year 2003. But in the US Open, in year 2003, he failed to win any match and was eliminated in the first round itself.

Born on 22 May 1987 in Belgrade, this Serbian tennis star later created history in 2011 by winning the three majors.

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