Novak Djokovic’s First ATP Titles

It was one of the most interesting tennis careers to be seen in recent times. Djokovic started his professional career in year 2003 -2004. He started playing in the most popular tennis tournaments for the professional level. The two tennis tournaments Futures tennis tournament and the Challenger tennis tournament were specially meant for the upcoming professional players. It was a perfect stage for any hardworking tennis player who was willing to perform. Djokovic was looking for opportunities to show his skills and to perform at the highest level.  According to him, these tournaments helped him to build the required confidence in him which was the best learning experience.

Playing these tournaments he won three of each type of matches from the years 2003 and he kept playing in these tournaments till 2005. He had been part of the tournament where he won some matches by showing his ability to perform while in some other matches he lost after displaying finest skills of playing tennis. In year 2004, he participated in tour-level tournament Umag, where he lost in the second round to Flippo Volandri.

In year 2005, Djokovic started his career with a bang. He played in the first Grand Slam Title by playing in the qualifying matches in Australian Open tournament but Marat Safin defeated him in the first round itself in direct three sets.  In the Wimbledon and also in the US Open he succeeded in reaching the third round by beating well-known and experienced players and displaying his talent with his show on the tennis court.

Djokovic is a natural and cool player who keeps his calm and performs well every time he plays. He is natural stroke player who acquired a perfect mind set of judging the opponent very well. In year 2005, Djokovic qualified for two Master events. He performed well in the Paris when he reached the third round in French Open tournament.

Djokovic was considering moving to Britain to play for England. But the year 2006, helped him to become a more successful player than the previous years.  At the beginning of the year he was ranked at 40th number.  His first ATP title came few weeks after the Wimbledon, when he participated and won at Dutch Open in Amersfoort. He won the title without losing a set and defeating Nicolas Massu in the final. It was just the beginning for Djokovic, who had moved into the top 20 ranks for the first time as a professional player.

During the same season, while playing on indoor hard court played at Madrid, Djokovic reached the first career Masters quarter-final of his professional career.

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