Moto GP increases engine size to 1000cc in 2012

Several norms were changed from the year 2012 in the Moto GP class. From previous year, the Moto GP engine sizes increased to 1000 CC. From the beginning of the Road race competition, FIM has brought about many changes in the categories, but the latest change has been made in the year 2012. In the year 2002, 500 cc bikes with two-stroke and 990 cc bikes with four-stroke engines were allowed in the race. But due to the massive power advantage of the four-stroke engine over the two-stroke engine bikes, discarded the idea of allowing both two stroke and four strokes in the same category was cancelled. Again in the year 2007 the maximum engine capacity was taken down to 800 cc.

Nonetheless, Moto GP-class motorcycles had no particular engine configuration. But, the number of cylinders engaged in the engine determines the motorcycles minimum weight that is allowed in the category.  So, it was determined that the weight5 of the extra cylinders will be considered null. This was made mandatory as the fact remains the same that engine with more number of cylinders can produce more energy. Dated back in the year 2004, many motor bikes with three, four and five cylinders also competed in the present day Moto GP category.

In the 2002, the FIM became alert about the advances that skillfully crafted bikes can result into the racing track. So in order to enhance safety bringing regulation was the only solution. Regulations related to the weight of the bike, the stipulated amount of fuel in it and also the engine capacity. The new rule brought down the engine capacity to 800 CC from which was p0reviously 990 cc. The available amount of fuel was made 21 litres which was earlier 26 litres.

On December 11, 2009, the Grand Prix Commission decided that the Moto GP class would convert into the 1,000 cc motor limit in the 2012 season. It became the norm that the highest engine displacement would be 1000 cc and the highest number of cylinders would be four, while the highest bore would be restricted to 3.2 inches or 81 mm. In the interactions with media, FIM proclaimed that the changes that were made in the Moto GP section were happily accepted by the several participating teams.

To increase the number of entries in Moto GP, rules were made to allow independent teams to be the part of the grand prix competition at a comparative low cost. However if any team participates in the grand prix through any leading Manufacturer they would get benefitted from quite less restriction.

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