More Than 2000 Years Old Stone Block Discovered In Egypt

Egyptian archaeologists from Al-Belinna of  Sohag city of Abydos have unearthed a stone block graven with the cartridge of the thirtieth family King Nectanebo II throughout the examination of an ancient house within the Beni Mansour region, where the owner was carrying out an unlawful excavation.

The Tourism and Antiquities Police which caught the suspects who were conducting the unlawful excavation have seized the house until the investigation will not get completed, as told by  Hani Abul Azm, Chief of the Central Administration for Antiquities of Upper Egypt.

Abul Azm said that the block could be a part of King Nectanebo II’s royal shrine or could be an extension of the wall of temple whose development was overseen by the king. Nectanebo II is known by  historians as some one who had commanded construction of diffent type of buildings and architecture in Abydos.Abul Azm said that once the completion of the confiscation procedures, additional excavation can happen at the location.

Ashraf Okasha, director-general of Abydos Antiquities, distinguished that the freshly discovered stone block seems a square of 40cm per side. Subterranean water is making it troublesome to see whether or not it absolutely was a part of a shrine or a temple wall.

Okasha further said that the archeological committee inspected the location at the two-storey mud brick house wherever the unlawful excavation was underway, with the block discovered at the lowest of a four metre-deep hole.

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