Microsoft Launches HelpBridge For iOS, Windows Phone And Android

When disaster strikes the first thing that comes to one’s mind is to contact one’s loved ones. The next thing that comes in the mind is to find a way to help those who have been affected by the disaster.

Keeping these sentiments is mind Microsoft has developed HelpBridge in association with Aidmatrix,  Mobile Giving Foundation, Guidestar, Network for Good and Volunteer Match

HelpBridge is a free mobile application available on Windows ]phone, Android and iOS mobile operating systems that helps a person

·         To quickly connect the loved ones at the time of the disaster

·         To contribute to the organizations who are working in the disaster zone

·         To volunteer to help

This facility is presently available in USA only. As the primary aim of the App is to help in disaster the app cannot be used in non-emergency situations. This is to ensure that effectiveness in not diluted when it is needed the most.

How to start using the HelpBridge app?

It is very simple to get yourself started to use the HelpBridge app. All you need to do is to follow these easy steps.

1.      Go to Windows Phone Store, Google Play or iTune store and download the App.

2.      Use your Microsoft Account ID or your Facebook account to log in

3.      Set up the contact list that you would like to contact in an Emergency

4.      Start using the app

How does it work?

When a disaster strikes HelpBridge would notify the communities that you choose by sending simultaneous SMS and email to them. The information can also be posted on your Facebook wall.

If you so desire, you can give your GPS coordinates so that your loved ones would know your exact location.

How can I help people stuck in a disaster?

1.      If you wish to make a contribution of $ 5 to $ 10 you could sent a text message for the amount that you would like to contribute and that would be added to your monthly bill. Mobile Giving foundation has a list of such organizations who help at such times

2.      You can contribute a larger amount through PayPal. GuideStar and network for Good has a list of leading disaster relief organizations who need donations. The amount donated by you is sent to them.

3.      You could donate specific goods that may be needed in the times of disaster. Aidmatrix provides a list of goods that are needed. You can choose the goods that you wish to contribute. HelpBridge would help you to coordinate for the delivery of goods.

4.      If you wish to give time HelpBridge would help you to find out ways to volunteer for disaster relief support


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