List of Microsoft Servers With Detailed Information

Microsoft servers was previously known as Microsoft Server System. The brand has a bouquet of Microsoft server products including server editions of MS windows Operating System.

·         Biz Talk Server helps companies to manage automated business documents such as purchase orders, invoices within or even outside the organization Its latest version is Biz Talk 2013.

·         Commerce Server in an e-service portal which helps to create e-commerce solutions and websites making the tasks of setup, administration and management easier. Its latest version Commerce Server 10 was released in December 2012.

·         Internet Information Services (IIS) acts as web server, FTP server and email server. Its latest version IIS 8.0 is available only on Windows 8.0 and Windows server 2012. For Window 7 one can use the IIS 7.5 but the same has to be turned on.

·         Microsoft Forefront is state-of-art business security software. They help to protect computer networks, network servers and individual devices.  Forefront Online Protection for Exchange enables the customer to re-route his emails through the Microsoft online services before he receives it. The server which are running on MS Office Communications  is protected from malwares by Forefront Security for Office Communications server. Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway encrypts all incoming access requests from authorized users and helps in protecting network assets

·         Microsoft Speech server allows authorization and deployment of IVR applications and incorporates Speech recognition, Speech Synthesis and DTMF

·         Host Integration server helps to provide connectivity between Microsoft Windows Network. AS/400 systems and IBM Maniframe.

·         Microsoft SQL server’s main function is to store and retrieve data as demanded by other software either from the same computer or from other computer on the network which includes Internet as well. Its latest version SQL server 2012 was released on 6th March 2012. The mainstream editions of SQL are Datacenter, Enterprise, Web, Standard, Business Intelligence, Workgroup, Express.

·         Microsoft Identity Integration server helps organizations to get a unified view of the various resources and also provides a solution to automate routine tasks.

·         Windows server is the brand name for the several OS that has been released by Microsoft. The several  operating systems are

1.      Windows 2000 Server

2.      Windows Server 2003

3.      Windows Server 2003 R2

4.      Windows Server 2008

5.      Windows Server 2008 R2

6.      Window Server 2012 is the latest version of Windows Server and was released on 4th September 2012. Window 8 the latest version of MS windows runs on this OS. It succeeded Windows Server 2008 R2. Windows Server 2012 has been launched in 4 editions – Foundation, Essentials, Standard and Datacenter. The response to the same has been positive

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