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If you are in a new city and looking for a restaurant or historical landmark, you just need to open Google Map on your mobile and it would direct you to your destination. Google map would give you maps of the streets. It can plan your route depending upon the way you are commuting – whether by foot or by car or by bike or by bus. It would be prudent to remember that the Google maps are not real time images and could by several months and in some cases several years old.

Google Map was previously known as Google Local and is a web mapping application by Google. It powers various services such as Google Webs website, Google Ride finder, Google transit etc.

Satellite View :-

High resolution aerial images and images taken by satellites are used by Google Map to show most of the urban areas all around the world. Many governments across the world raised concerns that the terrorists could use Google Maps to carry out terrorists attacks. Understanding the sensitivity of the governments high profile installations such as White House have been blurred by Google. Most of the images of Google Map are not satellite images but high resolution aerial images.

Google Maps API :-

It was launched in June 2005 and allows websites to embed Google Maps on their website. It has become the most used map application as more than 3,50,000 websites use this application. Google Maps API is free for the websites that are available free and the map accesses on the site do not exceed 25,000 per day.

Google Maps Android :-

Google Maps Android is a free application that can be used by cell phone users for navigation. To use this feature one needs to have internet connection on the cell phone. The Automatic map caching feature stores the recently viewed area thus reducing the data to be downloaded. The Download Map feature downloads the map for an area about 10 square miles from the current location thus making the download faster.

The various features that are available in this application are Search using simple English and voice, traffic view, satellite and street view.

Areas covered :-

Google Maps cover a large part of the world. In some areas one can find cross border routes but in most countries it is limited to routes that lie with that country. The areas covered are

·         All the countries of North and Central America.

·         Most of the mainland countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

·         All the countries of South America.

·         All the Caribbean islands excluding Trinidad and Tobago.

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