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Some of the high classed products and services which become part of our life unknowingly and it does not need any introduction. The name Tata Motors Cars too, does not need any introduction. It has been part of our lives and our culture. The Tata vehicles are of all types starting with bigger sized Buses, Trucks and Lorries, nicely designed useful Coaches, Tempos and Vans to the nicely designed and most modern looking Cars which have been the part of our daily-life. The Tata Motor Company has become a worldwide popular by providing the high quality automobile solutions. It had started its operations in1940s, by getting the technical skills and sharing the technology from the automobile companies across the world.

The history of the Tata Motors Cars is well known. The company had struggled and worked hard, producing the best quality vehicles with highly standard services.

It helped in growing the business of Tata group which had successfully formed the company – Tata Motors Cars. The company started producing vehicles mainly for public transport and the goods carriers. It also ventured into manufacturing vehicles for the military providing high class, strong and protective means of transportation. The company first produced the passenger vehicle Tata Estate in year 1991, which was considered to be highly advanced for its time. But Tata Sierra really caught the attention and became talk of the town.

Tata Motors Cars became the leaders of the passenger cars services as they start ruling the vehicle market in India. Tata Indica car too grabbed all the attention and become an instant success. It was the car with powerful engine which supports fuel economically. The concept of five door hatchback which was designed first time by a car company became widely popular among the car lovers in India. The trendy and innovative design of the Indica car had certainly changed car industry. The car Tata Indica became the undisputed leader in no time.

The nano car has won millions of hearts and is called as the wonder car of India. It was the dream car of Mr.Ratan Tata. Tata Motors Cars build the car, which could be smart enough to carry the middle class family and for a reasonable cost which could be affordable.  The Nano car has surely helped millions of hearts to fulfill their dream.

Today there are 15 car models from Tata. The highly popular cars can be the – Nano, Indica, Venture, Indigo CS, Sumo, Aria, Platinum and Safari.  The most economical Tata car is Tata Nano car which can cost Rs 1, 41,000 and the most costly Tata car is Tata Aria which can cost up to Rs 16, 00,000. The company serves the people of all classes with its quality services.

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