Know About Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd.

Tata Marcopolo

Tata Marcopolo Motors Ltd. is one of the Tata Motors, which mainly deal in manufacturing buses and coaches in the India. It has the main office at Dharwad in Karnata -India. It is joint enterprise between Tata Motors and the Brazilian vehicle company Marcopolo.S.A.

Initially the Tata Marcopolo started its operations in Lucknow, manufacturing about 25 Buses per day. The second unit started later in Dharwad which is bigger in size and capacity. It manufactured about 50 buses per day. And in recent years it has started manufacturing the buses even in larger scale. The manufacturing unit started growing faster as the demand for high quality buses kept increasing from all corners of the country. Today in order to control the sales and service of the successfully manufacturing of buses as per the increasing orders, the company has set many service centers across the cities in different states such as Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Mysore, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, Kanpur, Chandigarh, Pune, South Kanpur, Madurai, Hyderabad and many other. The service centers not only help the interested buyers in further deals but also help in sorting out problems and dealing with the complaints regularly.

The joint venture of the state-of-the-art bus manufacturing by Tata Marcopolo Motors in the well established plant at Dharwad (Karnataka) helped the company in achieving its goals in the commercial operations with the production of vehicles. It was the understanding between the two companies at 51:49 shares in establishment. Both the companies Tata Motors and Marcopolo of Brazil have become successful in managing the higher profit range with better deals in sales.

As per the growing needs, the plant at Dharwad will certainly help in responding positively and will increase it’s the daily quota of building world class, highly sophisticated and long lasting buses. The structure and the built of the buses are suitable for the state transport and for national transportation facilities which are comfortable and safe across the country. The plant has started manufacturing vehicles using advanced technologies. The range of buses will be marked under Starbus and Global brands which are of about 16 to 54 seater standard and nicely designed buses. The luxury buses are in demand today. There is so much need for the buses not only in the public sector but even in the private sector also.

The plant of Tata Marcopolo is of 123 acres with a increasing capacity to manufacture 30,000 units every year. The joint venture already made an investment of about Rs.200 crore which will be increase in the near future. The increase in the plant has created huge job opportunities which have helped the qualified people in getting better jobs which satisfy their dreams. The Vendor Park as it is called will generate nearly 6,000 direct jobs in the future.

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