Know About MSN: History and Features

MSN was formerly known as The Microsoft Network. It refers to the various Internet sites and services that Microsoft is providing. The Microsoft Network started its Online Service and Internet Service Provider Service on 24th August 1995. It was the same day that Windows 95 was launched. MSN started its journey as simple online service for Windows 95 and a dial-up Internet service provider. MSN is now a popular Internet portal. ranks among the top 20 most visited domain names.

In the late 1990s MSN was used to promote a number of web based services such as Hotmail and Microsoft Messenger Service. In 2005 a large number of these services were reorganized under the brand Windows Live.

MSN has a strong presence as a dial up Internet service provider in USA and Canada under the name of ‘MSN Dial up’.  It is in fact the second largest Internet service provider in USA. If one signs up with MSN dial up he gets an e-mail account as, security software such as firewall and anti-virus programs as a part of the bundle.

For high-speed broadband consumers MSN offers a premium service “MSN Premium”. MSN premium offers a bouquet of different Internet services through its premium version of MSN explorer. One can subscribe to the MSN premium either through or through DSL of MSN partners. Verizon and Qwest are DSL partners of MSN in USA while Bell Internet is the MSN partner in Canada. The subscribers of MSN premium also get firewall and anti-virus software provided by McAfee and Spy Sweeper.

After the reorganization in 2005 the focus of MSN changed. The Internet portal provides online news, entertainment and common interest topics. One can go to the to get the latest political, sport, entertainment, business news etc. One can go the TV section of MSN Entertainment and get a listing of the daily TV shows, the recommended shows for the day. You can even watch full episodes of several shows. One can access the celebrity section to know the latest gossips about your favourite Hollywood stars. Under the sports section one can get the latest updates on scores of NBA, NFL etc. Under the money section one get the latest business news, information on career and job opportunities, details on real estates and rentals. Under the living section you would get tips for healthy living, news on the latest trends. You can even look at your horoscope.

MSN is not only limited to North America but has offices all around the world in every continent and caters to the local news in many countries

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