Know About Microsoft Office or MS Office and Its Packages

Microsoft Office or MS Office is a suite of desktop applications for MS Windows and OS X operating systems. The first version of MS Office was released on 1st August 1989 and included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. Over the years several versions of MS Office have been released and have become a part of a majority of personal computers in the world. The latest version of MS office is Office 2013 and was released on 11th October 2012. A trial version of Office Professional Plus was released on 15th November 2012 for download

Microsoft  Word or simply Word is a word processor and was considered the backbone of MS office. MS word has become synonym to prepare letters, write documents on the computers which are running on the windows platform. MS word has a host of features such as spelling checker, thesaurus and dictionary that makes editing a text very easy. In fact it alerts you for spellings even as you type. Its offers a variety of fonts that makes your document look beautiful. Tables can be formed in the document to help give a better presentation. Bullets and numbering can be used to highlight important points. Its extension .doc had become synonym with word processors.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program. When it was launched Lotus 1-2-3 was the dominant spreadsheet program but soon Excel overtook it. Excel uses a grid of columns and rows to carry out a variety of operations.  It has several functions which allow to meet the financial, statistical and engineering needs. It allows to present the data in pie charts, histograms making it easier to analyse. One can link the various spreadsheets with each other so that making a change at one place gives effects to the change to all the values linked with it

Microsoft PowerPoint allows the user to make various sheets on different slides. It is used extensively for presentations in corporate. Once the slides have been prepared one can start the slideshow where at the press of a button or click of a mouse the nest slide appears. One can put pictures, graphs etc to make the presentations. Several animations features are also available which help in making the presentation pleasing to watch.

Microsoft Outlook is a communication software which can be used for emails, managing address books, task manager etc.

Some other desktop applications that are available as a part of MS office are

·         Microsoft Access

·         Microsoft InfoPath

·         Microsoft OneNote

·         Microsoft Publisher

·         Microsoft Office Picture Manager

·         Microsoft Office Inter Connect

·         Microsoft Visio

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