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Jaguar Land Rover Automotive is a UK based multinational automotive company. It is subsidiary of Tata group of companies, which is a part of Tata Motors. It’s headquarter is in Coventry (Whitley) of UK. The main two operations it has been involved is of manufacturing of Jaugar, Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles along with its sales, service and marketing operations.  The Jaguar Cars and Land Rover were first manufactured by Ford Motors, which were acquired by Tata Motors in year 2008. Jaguar Land Rover Automotive is a public limited company as per the British rules and regulations, which is having Tata Motors as the parent undertaking and controlling party.

Tata Motors which has owned the Jaguar Land Rover has started its operations of assembling one of its deluxe sedans XF in India. The starting price of the newly designed model is up to 12 Lakhs. The highly flexible design of JLR model is launched with a compact sized 2.2 liter diesel engine which is introduced first time in India, which is available at the cost of Rs 44 Lakhs.  The entire design and assembly of the model is carried at the Tata Motors plant at Pune in Maharashtra. It is for first time that the Jaguar XF models are launched with most powerful 2.2 litre diesel engine in the Indian market along with the newly assembled model of Land Rover Freelander 2.  It has become one of the most courageous decisions of Tata Motors taken in recent times.

According to Tata Motors, Jaguar Land Rover became very exciting project with encouraging sale figures for the past year which shows that it is the highly selling models in India. The company has decided to open local plants to build the products of these models. It will surely help customers to get better deals with wider options at a reasonable cost.  Jaguar Land Rover gained 32 per cent growth in the sales and business transactions in year 2012.It has produced 2,300 cars last year compared to 1,800 in the last year.

The highly growing sales figures and the encouraging customer responses have made Tata Motors to introduce few more new products in the Indian market. The Land Rover brands are increasing their reputation year by year, which have become successful in getting positive sales response. The company is planning to introduce variety of latest and trendy designs in the market in the coming months.There will be a set of new models of the Jaguar products which will rule the Indian automobile market are XJ, XF, XKR and XFR in the near future.

Jaguar Land Rover has written one more success story in the name of Tata, which has always responded to the people’s changing needs.

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