Know About Fiat India Automobiles Limited

Fiat India Automobiles Limited is a joint venture between Fiat Group Automobiles of Italy and Tata Motors India with 50-50 shares investments.  The Fiat India Automobiles Limited according to the recent survey has became the ninth largest car maker in India.The Company is having about 2600 employees at the industrial plant in Pune – Maharashtra. In year 2007, the joint agreement between Fiat and Tata had taken place. The number of directors nominated on the managing board by both the companies is 10. Each company has 5 directors each.  Prior to the joint venture with Tata Motors, Fiat has managed to sell their model cars 1100m 123 and Uno in India along with Premier Automobiles Limited.

The Fiat cars are having limited market in the countries like China and are selling average cars in the countries like Japan, Korea, US and other European countries. In India Fiat was part of automobile industry, since 1948. Presently with Tata Motors Fiat are offering the two main car models Fiat Punto and Fiat Linea.

The manufacturing Unit at Pune is huge in size with a capacity to produce about 100,000 cars and 200,000 car engines along with the other spare parts. The Fiat India Automobiles has plans and it has been working in the direction to produce more number of cars and engine in coming years.  Presently the car Palio Stile with models 1.1 and 1.6 and also the premium Fiat cars Grande Punto and Linea are manufactured with successfully tested 1.3 liter diesel engines and the 1.2 and 1.4 liter gasoline engines are used. Apart from Fiat, the next generation Tata passenger cars also get manufactured. The entire working of the plant can provide employment to nearly 4000 people directly and indirectly.

The Fiat India Automobiles Limited holds 50% of stake in the overall investment of the company. It also keeps the rights of controlling the international brands of the Fiat automobiles. The car models such as Fiat Automobiles, Alfa Romio Automobiles, Abarth and Fiat Light Alfa which are the commercial vehicles from the makers of the well known cars like Ferrari, Maserati and other branded cars. The venture not only help in manufacturing Fiat brand cars alone but it also supports in production of the trendy and modern cars of Tata Motors successfully.  The partnership of both the automobile giants surely has an advantage in serving the Indian auto-requirement.

The Fiat has been part of India even before its joint venture with Tata group. Earlier Premier Automobiles Limited had produced Fiat 500 for the market in India. In 1954, it was replaced with Fiat 1100. In year 1973, the Fiat 1100 was again replaced with new name Premier Padmini, was the car which ruled the millions of hearts.

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