Know About Click Through Rate ( CTR )

Click Through Rate or commonly known as CTR is one of the best ways to increase your online advertising revenue by launching CTR campaigns. You can easily have successful advertisement if you opt for CTR’s. But, before we go into a detail discussion of CTR, it is imperative to discuss what exactly CTR is. It could be defined as the ratio between the numbers of clicks any particular advertisement gets and the number of time the advertisement is shown. For instance if any advertisement is clicked 1 single time by the user for every 100 times, then it has a CTR of 1/100, that is 1%.

It is very essential that you maintain a good Click through Rate, to attain success from your advertisement. Here it is to be mentioned that there are few factors that are responsible to get you good CTR’s. The first factor is your industry matters a lot in order to get expected CTR’s. As for example, the comparative study says that the CTR’s in travel industry is far higher than the technology industry. Also the format of your advertisement matter a lot as far as CTR is concerned. Statistic report shows that email campaigns have achieved higher CTR almost between 5% and 25% whereas display banners have CTR’s of about 0.25%. However if your current Click through Rate is lower, you always have the room to improve your CTR score.

Keeping in consideration few factors about your advertisement, you can improve your Click through Rate. While designing the advertisement you must keep in mind the market you are targeting. Relevance should be mentioned. Never expect to get great CTR’s after having an AK47 gun in your utterly lipstick advertisement. It is necessary that your advertisement is persuasive enough for the audience to click in it. Ensure that you understand the people who you are targeting. In understanding your target market, the demographic data’s are very worthy. You can use several catchy keywords to grab your audience’s attention.

Another factor is the placement of the advertisement. It plays a key role to increase your Click through Rate. In cases where you want your CTR to improve, the bigger is better. When you made your advertisement bigger, you increase your chance of getting good CTR’s. Whatever come may, never compromise with the look of your website. Whenever you take the risk of compromising the look of your website, you actually bother yourself with less traffic in your website. But there is one twist in the tale, there is no principle of how many times the advertisement should be shown. Showing your advertisement multiple times to a prospective customer could increase your chance if getting clicked, but however that is not the story always. But if we go according to the general statistical report, displaying an advertisement five times is perfect to get desired Click through Rate. Your customer might get just too deliberate to avoid your advertisement if you shown him the advertisement too many times. To conclude one suggestion is really important and that is you need a meticulous planning to take your CTR at the peak.

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