Know About BMW Motorcycles

BMW is a world renowned automobile brand that has redefined the manufacturing of the cars, giving its customers a concrete feel of satisfaction. However, it is not just cars but BMW also manufactures motorcycle and motorcycle engines to satisfy the long list of loyal customers.

Basically, it was after the World War II, BMW started manufacturing motorcycles engine and soon motorcycles too. The BMW motorcycle brand is known as “BMW Motorrad”. Since the production started, the first two motorcycles, “Helios” and “Flink” failed consequently but BMW came with “R32” in the year 1923. This motorcycle had a “boxer” twin engine with Cylinders. This model was so successful that BMW continued to follow the same layout for all its motorcycles till 1980’s. Till today, there are several models that follow the same layout as R32 and these models are designated as the “R series”.

During the World War II, BMW manufactured “BMW R75” motorcycle with a side car attached, where the side car was also motor driven. Although that design of sidecar was copied from Zündapp KS750. In the year 1982, BMW introduced “K Series” to the world. It was a shaft drive and water cooled with three to four cylinders mounted in a straight line from front to back. After the success of “R” and “K”, BMW also started making “F” and “G” series with single and parallel twin engines.

In the early 1990’s BMW updated airhead boxer engine, which is known as “Oilhead”. In the year 2002, the oilhead engine came with two spark plugs per cylinder. In the year 2004 BMW added a built-in balance shaft to enhance the performance of the BMW bikes. In 2004, BMW came with K1200S sports bike with an engine that produces 167 hp and it also has a Hossak type front fork and electronically adjustable front and rear suspension. Also BMW incorporated “anti-lock brakes” on motorcycles that produced in the year 1980s. Later BMW motorcycles also started introducing electronic stability control to make the bikes much advanced and make them anti-skid proof.

Each of the motorcycles from BMW maintains world standard and the company is known for its innovation and design in motorcycles. The suspension designs of BMW motorcycles are way too excellent. But then they switched to “Earles Fork” front suspension by swinging fork. Most modern BMWs comes with regular swinging fork, normally known as swinging arm. There are many BMW motorcycles that use Telelever suspension design. By the year 2007, BMW brought “Husqvarna Motorcycles” to continue the production of world class motorcycles but as a separate enterprise. Although all the operations are conducted from Varese, the original location of the “Husqvarna Motorcycles”

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