J.K. Rowling’s Marriage, Divorce and Single Parenthood


Mother’s death was a shock to Joanne Rowling. She immediately moved to Portugal, with the thought that a new place would help her soothe all the pain and she would be able to concentrate in writing all over again.

When Rowling shifted to Portugal, she took up the job to teach English as a foreign language. She taught at night and began writing during the day time. It was during that time that she met Jorge Arantes, a Portuguese television Journalist in a bar. As soon as they met, they became good friends and both of them noticed that they had several common interests. During the year 1992, Rowling and Arantes get married. By the mid of next year Rowling had her first child, Jessica Isabel Rowling. Soon Rowling realized that Arantes was not the man of her dreams.  In many of the interviews she confessed that she was a victim of domestic violence and abuse during her marriage. On their final night together, Arantes dragged her out of their house at five in the morning with little Jessica. Rowling found herself devastated and she decided to move to Edinburg at her sister’s place.

Years after her graduation she felt that she was a failure with a failed marriage and a dependent child. But she redirected all her energy in writing her dream project. She had only an old type writer with her, but she did not bother and went ahead with her writing. During this period she was diagnosed with depression and considered suicide. Later she confessed that her then mental state gave her the idea of the soul-sucking creatures in her third book.

The phase of single motherhood was critical and she was literally poor and homeless. In that scenario, her alienated husband came in search of her and her daughter. Somehow Rowling managed to obtain restraint order and Arantes returned to Portugal. Rowling did not wait to file the divorce case in the year 1994. She needed a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) to start taking up a job as a teacher, so she took admission in the course at Edinburg University. Apart from education she kept on writing. She wrote almost anywhere, whenever she gets Jessica to fall asleep.

In many of the interaction and interviews with media, Rowling admitted that this phase was the most hard phase of her life, there was no one beside her. Life felt miserable but she managed to survive. Even in hard times her soul intention was to realize her dream, her book.

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