J.K. Rowling’s Inspiration For Writing Harry Potter


Joanne Rowling or J.K. Rowling has faced a lot to be in the position where she is now. After her graduation, she moved to London where she took up a job of a researcher and bilingual secretary at the Amnesty International. But during that time only, Rowling and her boyfriend decided to move to Manchester.

The year 1990 was very crucial year of her life, as during this year, the idea of writing a story of a wizard boy came in her mind. She told it in many interviews that, once she was travelling from Manchester to London on a four-hour-delayed train trip and suddenly the idea flashed in her mind. Later she also mentioned it in her websites that the plot came into her head and she realized that she badly want to pen down the story. Writing was her passion, ever since when she was just six. But when the idea of Harry Potter came into her mind, she couldn’t even jot down the details as she had no properly functioning pen with her and she was shy enough to ask for a pen from her co-passengers. But according to her, she was happy enough that she couldn’t write the story, the minute the plot appeared. She kept on thinking about the plot and all the characters came in front of her. She started writing the book that evening. But the finished book has no resemblance with what she has written then.

In the very end of the year, Rowling got the biggest shock of her life. She lost her only inspiration, her mother. Her mother was fighting ten years long dreadful battle with Multiple Sclerosis. That incident shattered her totally. But however she gathered courage and moved on to Portugal to start off a new life. This loss, affected her writing a lot and she was depressed also for the reason that she couldn’t tell her about Harry Potter. In many of the interviews and chat sessions with Media, J.K. Rowling said that in the first harry potter novel that is “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”, she could describe Harry’s pain just because she knew the pain of losing a mother. Her pain makes her enable to add more details to Harry’s story.

She always had a fighting spirit and that is what gave her enough strength to fight back all the odds. She coped up with the entire situation and started writing all over again. She shifted to Portugal and started a new life ahead.

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