Influences and Characteristics of Entrepreneurial Behavior

Management ability and robust team building skills area unit usually perceived as essential leadership attributes required in entrepreneurs. A noted personality named Robert B. Reich considers leadership, management ability, associated team-building as essential qualities of an entrepreneur.

Psychological studies show that the psychological propensities for male and feminine businesspersons are more or less similar than being completely different. A growing body of labour depicts, that entrepreneurial behaviour depends on social and economic factors, like in countries with healthy and wide-ranging labour markets shows a lot of favourable magnitude relation of opportunity-driven instead of necessity-driven businessperson. According to empirical studies male counterparts possess more robust negotiating skills and consensus-forming skills.

Research and studies that explores the characteristics and temperamental characteristics of, and influences on, them have return to differing conclusions. Most, however, agree on sure consistent entrepreneurial traits and environmental influences. Though sure entrepreneurial traits are needed, their behaviours are dynamic and influenced by environmental factors. Some in this respect argue that the businessperson is alone involved with chance recognition and exploitation, though the chance that’s recognised depends on the sort of businessperson.

Some Behavioural characteristics of such businesspersons are:

·         drive and energy

·         self-confidence

·         high initiative and private responsibility

·         use of resources

·         self-imposed standards

·         Clear goal setting.

Whereas Management Systems International mentions their personal characteristics are as follows:

·         longing for opportunities

·         Tenacity

·         Risk-taking

·         6. Setting the target

·         10. authority

Jesper Sørensen has argued that a number of the foremost important influences on them are geographic point, peers and also the social composition of the geographic point.

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