Inception of Google – A Brief History

Humble Birth of a Giant :-

The emergence of Google in March 1996 can be credited to two PhD Stanford Students Larry Page and Sergery Brin. These students were working on a project of Stanford Digital Library Project (SDLP) whose aim was to develop such technologies that would lead to the creation of single, integrated and universal digital library. Several federal agencies including National Science Foundation funded this project. Page was trying to understand the link structure of world wide web as a huge graph. Encourage by his supervisor Terry Winograd, Page concentrated on linking web pages to a given page so that one could find valuable information for that page. The project was named “BackRub” and his close friend Sergery Brin soon joined the project. Page had met Sergery Brin, a fellow PhD student who was being supported by National Science Foundation, in 1995 when he was showing the campus to a group of potential students of Brin was a part of. In March 1996 the web crawler of Page started to explore the web and the starting point was Stanford home page of Page himself.

PageRank Algorithm :-

PageRank Algorithm was developed by Page and Brin to convert the back link data gathered by it into a measure of importance for the concerned web page. On further analysis of PageRank they realized that they could improve upon the existing technology of search engines using a search engine that was based on PageRank. The existing technology used to rank results on the basis of the number of times the search word appeared on the page. They came up with the thesis that a link to a page should be based on the relevance of the page with the search and not on the basis of the number of times the word appeared on the page. They tested their thesis and laid the foundation of their search engine Google.

Google Inc.  :-

In the beginning the domain of the search engine was and used the website. On 15th September 1997 came the registration of the domain On 4th September 1998 Google Inc. was incorporated at the garage of a friend in Menlo Park, California. Google became an instant hit and by the end of 1998 the index count of Google had reached about 60 million. Most analysts regarded it as much better than the existing search engines

Google Inc. shifted its offices of 165, University Avenue in Pao Alto where other Silicon Valley companies were located. Soon it outgrew the office and 2 more office and in 2003 Google Inc. leased out its present headquarters in Mountain View at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway from Silicon Graphics.  It was renamed by Googleplex and was bought for $ 319 million in 2006

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