How and When Was NASA Created

creation of nasa

The creation of NASA pushed the frontiers of aeronautical sciences to a new high. It took us to the moon and created a new chapter in human history.

The aim of the creation of NASA was to provide research into the problems regarding flight within or outside the atmosphere of the earth. Another aim was to strengthen the defense power of the nation at the time of cold war. Many term it as a response of the launching of the Sputnik on Oct. 4 1957, the first artificial satellite orbiting the earth by the Soviet Unions. So, it can be termed as an outcome of the race of Aeronautics between USA and Soviet Union in 1950s.

US had its own satellite plans in going but the launch of Sputnik definitely brought the era of space revolution in the world. NASA was created in 1958 from National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and other organizations. The NACA was absorbed by NASA with all its employees, it annual budget and its three very efficient laboratories. On July 29, 1958 US Congress passed a legislation to establish the National Aeronautics Space Administration. The Space Act has been revised many times since then but its aim remained same. It was the establishment of a civilian agency responsible for the activities in the space. To sponsor various space expeditions, with humans or animals or machines was its responsibility.

Its mission of research and development of  operational programs in the areas of space exploration artificial satellite, rocketry and space telescope and observatory  made the ways for modern weather forecasting and global communication became fast and easy through its activities. The technology received from German Rocket Program proved a major factor in strengthening NASA. Lyndon B Johnson near Houston is the most important center where flights are coordinated. Many space shuttle and space launches program had been done in JF Kennedy Space Center.

The Head of NASA is a civilian appointed by the President. It has been divided into four sections – The offices of the Space flight, Space science program, Aeronautics exploration and technology and tracking and data handling. Despite its criticism on the basis of high costs, exceeding of the projected time spans and accidents of space shuttles, it has completed many mission successfully on time and cost for example – Apollo. Currently NASA looks after all the space science projects and almost half of the military space projects. It serves as a platform for international cooperation in space operations. International Space station was created with the creation of NASA and it revealed several secrets of cosmos.

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