History of Bayerische Motoren Werke ( BMW )

Bayerische Motoren Werke or popularly BMW is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company that rules the automobile world. BMW is also known as Bavarian Motor Works in English. The company started in the year 1917 and it has a big history behind the glory it has today. BMW is headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

BMW started as a business unit following the restructuring of the “Rapp Motorenwerke Aircraft” manufacturing organization. After the end of World War I in the year 1918, Government posed restriction in aircraft production; as a result BMW was forced to shift its production to automobile. Even the BMW blue and white logo has evolved from ““Rapp Motorenwerke Aircraft”, which was the base for the development of the BMW Company. The first car that BMW successfully launched was “Dixi”. This car was based on Austin 7 and was licensed Austin Motor Company in England.

The first noteworthy aircraft engine was BMW Illa inline-six liquid-cooled engine, which became a great success due to its high altitude performance. But before the World War II, the German Government took off the restriction and the company again started making aircrafts. During that time the two most prominent aircraft engines were BMW 132 and BMW 801.

For BMW, the mid of 1959 was quite difficult. During this time, the company was going in grave loss. But after a meeting with the shareholders, they decided to carry on with their automobile production. They brought the rights to manufacture the Italian “Iso Isetta”. The modification of the car with BMw’s motorcycle engine and the launch of the car were moderately successful and helped the company to get out of the loss it was running. Since the year 1959, majority of the stocks of BMW is owned by the Quandt family. In the year 1966, BMW acquired “Hans Glas”. Report says, BMW acquired Hans Glas mainly due to its world class development of timing belt with an overhead camshaft on automotive application. In 1994 BMW took over Rover group that consisted Land Rover, Rover and MG brands. By the end of 1995, BMW again acquired California based industrial design studio which they partially acquired in the year 1992. But due to some internal problems, BMW decided to sell the brands. The MG and the Rover brands were sold to Phoenix Consortium and Land Rover was sold to Ford.

BMW has become a brand within a several years of time span. In June 2012, BMW was listed as the #1 company in the world by the forbes.com. Yet this was not for the first time, BMW was enlisted as one of the top company across the world.

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