History of Affiliate Marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing has created a buzz on the market. It has been around for almost two and a half decades. Everyone is aware about affiliate marketing today. Every business, no matter it is small or big, targeting affiliate marketing as the weapon to take their business to the highest peak. Also it could be among the many ways chosen by people to make money almost instantly over internet. This process of online marketing has been a very alluring and interesting way of making money online. However it should be mentioned that people working in lieu of commission for promoting and advertising other people’s goods and services is not a new concept and that’s exactly is the concept with this method of marketing as well. The history of affiliate marketing is quite interesting.

The initialization of the first affiliate marketing program is not known; however the early history of  affiliate marketing says Jeff Bezos CEO and founder of Amazon.com in July 1996 decided to allow others to refer Amazon goods for a publicity of their goods and services in return of a commission. However there is a contradiction, as the record also says that websites like Autoweb, Flowers & Gifts.com, and Epage.com launched their affiliate marketing systems in October 1994. But, in the world of affiliate marketing ClickBank founded in 1998, is regarded as the world’s most accepted affiliate marketing network and service till today.

Amazon has created a specific forte and a clear strategy for the affiliate marketing business. With this strategy of marketing, advertisers have understood that they could easily endorse or at the least refer products and services on their website of any other brand, which will help them making money from it. The best part of affiliate marketing is this kind of promotion does not need any investment like the other startups also it opens up an opportunity which further entices people to try a hand at internet affiliate marketing and make money from home.

The very basic idea for this method like any other marketing method is finding people who need products and services. Getting guidance at the initial stages of your business can be most beneficial and affiliate networks play a vital role in this regard. There are thousands of websites available on the internet which shall help you with this venture of you are planning to open up an affiliate marketing firm. You can always get a target list of people from any well-known marketing website. In the era of internet nothing is that hard. You can do a lot with affiliate marketing. But the thing is you have to be very well planned to start up your affiliate marketing firm as the history of affiliate marketing says, without improper planning, you cannot survive the race.

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