History and Specifications of Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 is one of the series of operating systems for Personal Computers that have been produced by Microsoft Corporation. Windows 7 was released for public on 22nd October 2009 though it was made available to the manufacturers on 22nd July 2009. Windows Vista is its predecessor while its successor is Windows 8.

It became an instant rag and within 8 months of its release for public Windows 7 broke all records and became the highest selling operating system with a whooping sale of over 150 million copies. That translates to 7 copies were sold every second.

Windows 7 was released in 6 different editions designed and marketed keeping different segments in mind.

Home Premium
Normal Home users
Low cost notebooks
Large Businesses
Home basic
Emerging Markets
Minimum Hardware requirements

For 32-bit architecture –

·         1 GHz IA-32 processor,

·         1 GB RAM

·         16 GB free disk space.


For 64-bit architecture –

·         1 GHz x86-64 processor

·         2 GB RAM

·         20 GB free disk space.

New features/ Advantages

·         One can see the biggest changes in Windows 7 in the taskbar. The Quick Launch Taskbar has been done away with and been replaced by a feature that allows the user to pin applications to the taskbar. The user can also reorganise the buttons on the taskbar.

·         Windows 7 has introduced a small rectangular box at the bottom right hand corner “Show Desktop”. This allows the user to see the desktop at the click of a mouse as all the open windows are minimized. Clicking it the second time would restore them. It is a part of the Aero Peek feature which allows the user to see the desktop by making all the windows transparent.

·         In Vista the borders and task bars turned opaque when Windows Aero was used but in Windows 7 they remain translucent.

·         Another feature introduced is the Aero Snap. In this feature when the window is dragged to the top of the screen it maximises automatically. It also allows to the user to compare two documents. This can be done by dragging the windows to the left /right edges of the screen. When this is done the windows take up half the screen making comparison easier.

·         Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player 12 are a part of Windows 7.

·         For the game buffs Windows 7 has reintroduced games such as Internet Backgammon Internet Spades and Internet Checkers which were deleted from Windows vista

·         Window 7 has also removed the 3 application limit of Windows Vista

·         It also allow to immobilize many more components than Vista

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