History and Origin of Tata Motors Limited (TML)

One of the India’s own automobile industry, it has been considered as pride of nation and which has become a source of income for thousands of people in India and in outside world too. History of Tata Motors tells us that it is the company which is known for high quality service and trustworthy products.   Today Tata Motors Limited (TML), formerly known as TELCO is one of the biggest multinational automotive manufacturing companies, which has its headquarters in Mumbai-Maharashtra. The manufacturing unit builds the products which include cars, buses, trucks, mini-trucks, tempos, goods carriers, vans, couches and military vehicles apart from two wheelers and three wheelers.  It has manufacturing units and the assembly plants at various places across the country.

The TML had started its operations in the year 1945 at Mumbai with a small automobile unit for commercial vehicles which run mainly on diesel, in collaboration with Mercedes Benz.  History tells us that after the expiry of collaboration with Mercedes Benz, the vehicles become popular with the name as Tata vehicles, which the people started trusting.  Next few years the company started growing faster, collaborating with number of world wide automobile giants, working together and manufacturing the vehicles. The varieties of vehicles produced were not only as per the demand of the time but also convenient to the people, which made their life smooth and easy.

Today TML is considered to be the eighteenth biggest automobile industry in the world with large number vehicles getting exported. It had started its operations successfully running in many other countries such as Argentina, South Africa, UK and Thailand along with its joint ventures with companies like Marcopolo, Hitachi, Telcon and some others.

Recently the Chairman of TML opened a plant of 2,000 crores rupees in Gujarat, for manufacturing highly appreciated family vehicle the wonder ful –Nano car. Already the Nano car has become grand success as it fulfills the dreams of common man and his family. The production unit at Gujarat started successfully manufacturing the car which has become most popular today because of its elegant looks and low-priced value. The plant has a capacity of manufacturing about 2.5 lakh cars per year and which will increase to 5 lakhs cars per year in the near future. History of Tata Motors tells us the success story of the company which dreamt of serving common people.

Tata Motors Limited has 250 or more dealerships centers in all the 200 cities across the country.  It is considered to be one of the largest networks of sales and service, providing the best of automobile solutions in form of various useful cars such as Sumo, Safari, Indica, Vista, Indigo, Manza, Magic, Venture and Nano which are most stylish and highly efficient Tata cars well-suited for Indian conditions.


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