Google’s Acquisitions and Partnerships

Acquisitions :-

As a part of its expansion Google has taken the route of acquisition of several small companies. These companies were those that consisted of innovative teams and products.

Pyra Labs was one of the first companies that were acquired by Google in 1999. Pyra Labs was the brainwave of Evan Williams and were creators of a weblog publishing platform, Blogger and as a result many premium features became free. Evan Williams quit from Google in 2004.

Upstartle had created Writely, an online collaborative word processor. Google acquired the company in early 2006 and merged the technology with Google Spreadsheets leading to the creation of Google Docs & Spreadsheets

You Tube is one of the most popular online video site. Google bought You Tube for USD 1.65 billion on 9th October 2006. It decided not to merge You Tube with Google Video and instead chose to manage it as a separate brand. It then entered into agreements with Sony BMG Entertainment and Warner Music Group on 13th November 2006. As per the agreement both the companies were to supply music videos to You Tube.

With an aim to consolidate its position in online document arena Google acquired JotSpot and the announcement for the same was made on 31st October 2006. JotSpot was a piooneer in collaborative, web-based business software.

It was announced on 17th March 2006 Google announced 2 more acquisitions – Gapminder’s Trendalyzer Software and Adscape Media. The first company specializes in the development of information technology to provide free statistics in new visual and animated ways. The second company was a San Fransisco based small in-game advertising company.

PeakStream Technologies was also acquired. Its latest acquisition is Motorola Mobility on 22nd May 2012 for USD 12.5 billion

Partnerships :-

In its constant endeavor to improve production and services Google has entered into partnerships with several well known companies

Google entered into long-term partnership with NASA on 28th September 2005 under which Google was to build R&D centre Ames Research Centre of NASA. Both the giants plan to work together in areas such as large-scale data management, bit-info-nano convergence etc

Its partnership with Sun Microsystems (entered in 2006) will help the two giants to share and distribute technologies of each other

Google and AOL partnership would enable AOL’s premium-video service to be offered on Google Video

The USD 900 million partnership with News Corp’s Fox Interactive media would enable Google to provide search and advertising on MySpace and other News Corp websites.

Its alliance with British Sky Broadcasting provides Gmail to be linked with Sky and hosting a mail service for Sky while incorporating the email domain

The partnership with Pontifical Council for Social Communications allows the Pope to have his own channel on You Tube

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