Google Search Engine – Working and Specifications

Google Search :-

The word Google has become a synonym of search. It is common to see people saying “Google it” if they want someone to search for some information

The web search engine of Google Inc. is known as Google Search (a.k.a Google Web Search). It is by far the most popular search engine and generates millions of enquiry worldwide every single day

The idea of Google search in a brainwave of founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergery Brin who wanted to develop a search engine which would link the page based on the relevance of the page to the desired search word rather than the number of time the word appeared on the page. To achieve this they developed an algorithm “Page Rank” which is the basis of Google Search.

Special Features :-

Google Search aims to search for the text in the documents which are available in public domain in various formats such as HTML, PDF. Apart from the original word search capability Google Search provides a minimum of 22 special features. These features include

·         Unit conversion allows measurements to be converted such as km to mile, cm to inches and vice versa

·         Money conversion allows the conversion from one currency to another such as USD to GBP and vice versa

·         Time feature allows to know the current time of any city

·         Sports score allows a person to track the scores of his favorite team by just typing in the name of the team

·         Weather feature allows one on check the temperature, humidity, wind and forecast of a particular city. All you need to do is type weather followed by the city name or the zip code

·         Stock updates allows the user to find the market data of a company or fund. One needs to find the company name or its ticker code.

Other features include data for earthquake, synonyms, maps, show times of movies, airports,  home listings. One can also search on the basis of dates, ranges, prices, calculations, patents, temperatures, area codes, translation of languages.

Google Voice Search and Search by Image were introduced by Google in June 2011. Google Voice search allows the search of words by speaking while Search by Image allows search by providing images.

I’m feeling lucky :-

Google has introduced a new feature known as “I’m feeling lucky”. If a user who is searching for something clicks on this button he would be redirected to the first search result and the search engine results page would bypassed.  It was estimated by Toy Chavez of rapt that this feature costs Google USD 110 million annually as 1% of the users used this feature.

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