Google Glass – History and Its Features

Under its Project Glass Research Development Project Google has developed an augmented reality head mounted display (HMD) known as Google Glass or simply Glass. Google X Lab, who has been working on futuristic products such as driverless cars, is developing the product. Key people involved in the project are Steve Lee, Barbak Parviz, Sebastin Thrun and the Technical Manager Thad Stamer. Time Magazine recognized Google Glass as one of the ”Best Inventions of the Year 2012”

The information on Google glass is displayed in a format similar to that in smart phone. It is hands free and one can use normal voice commands to interact with Internet.  It looks like a pair of spectacle with an aluminium strip with 2 nose pads and the lens has been replaced by a head up display. It is expected that in future the head up display would be able to be integrated into the normal spectacles of a person.  Google Glass operates on Google’s Andriod Operating System. The design of Google Glass has been patented by Google.

Features :-

Photography and Video – The product has the ability to take photos and record videos in 720p HD. At the time of recording a recording light is shown above the eye but the same cannot be seen by the person wearing the glass.

Voice Commands – One can use normal language to communicate with the Google Glass. The video released by Google in February 2013 shows the simplicity by which one can communicate with Internet.

·         To record a video one has to give the command “ok glass, record a video”

·         To take picture one can command “ok glass, take a picture”

·         To search photos just say “ok glass, Google photos of (whatever)

·         To translate one can simply say “ok glass, translate (text) into (language)

·         To send a message give the command “ok glass, send a message to (name)”

·         To search speak “ok glass, search (whatever you want to search)”

·         To give directions one can speak “ok glass, give directions to (the place)”

Explorer Program :-

To gauge the customer feedback Google launched the Explorer program where Google Glass would be able to test Google Glass. In this edition the data is received either by Wi-fi or through Bluetooth with an android phone or Iphone. It also has a GPS chip. The colours in which the edition is available are – Charcoal, cotton, Shale, Sky and Tangerine

Launch and Price :-

It is expected that the product would be available to developers in early 2013 while it would be made available for consumers in the 4th quarter of 2013. It is expected to cost around USD 1500

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